Rip-off renewal, avoid!


I've been with More Than for a few years and I had to make a claim for the first time ever when my cat became unwell in December `15. More Than sorted out my claim efficiently and I got back everything I was due to get back, around £175.00. However, as soon as my renewal for 16/17 appeared, the premium had rocketed up by almost 100%! I phoned More Than for an explanation and they couldn't give me one, instead offering a measly £10 reduction over the course of the year. Needless to say, I'll be shopping around.


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Posted: 09/05/2016

Completely agree with a few of the recviews on here. Have been with More Than for a few years. Premium started at £31 just had renewal and is now £69!!
Ridiculous price increase bearing in mind I made one very small claim (ripped dew claw £150) over 18mths ago!
Not happy and will be going elsewhere. More Than... your loss!