Beware of Sainsburys pet insurance


I cannot begin to let other people know how disappointed I am with Sainsbury's Pet Insurance because they just will not pay out for a very legitimate claim for our cat Mikey.
It is such a common known thing by all professional Vets that domestic cats weight does fluctuate for all sorts of reasons, and we have had past occasions where we have taken our cat to our vets with weight loss, but they have never found that he was suffering from any kind of medical condition.
But just after taking out Sainsburys pet insurance our cat Mikey did seem to have lost a little bit of weight, so we took him to our vets and to our surprise this time they said that he was showing signs of a liver problem, so they referred us to a specialists vets at Cambridge who had our cat for approx. 3 nights but found that what ever the problem was was not at all showing, so we paid the £1,400 plus bill, and guess what Sainsbury's pet insurance just will not pay out, because they say it was an existing condition, but our vets have confirmed that our cat has never been diagnosed with a condition relating to weight loss in the past.
So I am now cancelled my insurance with Sainsbury's because I now feel that it would be far better that I put £50 per month into a separate savings account rather than wast my money by giving it to a so called pet insurance company who will not pay out on an honest legitimate claim.
I put this question to one of Sainsbury's so called expert team, that if any of there family had been to there doctors with a weight loss problem a few times but there doctor had never found anything wrong with them and had not ever diagnosed them with a particular condition, but just said that all is OK would they put on a Holiday insurance form that they had been suffering from weight loss, and the guy said to me that he would not put that on the form because he had never been diagnosed with a particular illness which is exactly what I am saying but they just cannot and will not see it because they just do not want to part up with any money if they can help it.
As I have found so far through my life, Insurance companies like to take your money but if they can find any way out of paying you they will.
I am also sending my storey the the Financial Ombudsman service and have also told my story to BBC Watchdog and also the money saving expert.


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