Delay tactics in paying out


Bella was vomitting and really ill at the end of January spending 3 days on a drip. Feb 2nd my claim was submitted via email by the Vet. On 15th was told that they had not received it so my Vet sent it again that day. I rang on 22nd to be told they could not find the Vets submission only my details. They then found it and the lovely girl I was dealing with went to have it approved by her supervisor. She rang me back and said I would be paid out in about 5 days. That is 11 days ago so I rang again. Waiting now for technical expert to assess it !! This is a joke - I have never claimed in 3 years and have 5 pets insured with them paying nearly £80 per month.


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Posted: 09/03/2016

Tesco Pet Insurance is a complete shambles!! They have messed me about no end and thats only me trying to take out a policy. They cant even trace it now and had to check back through their recorded phone messages to believe that I actually took out the policy. They have since lost it again and do not return calls as promised. My other 8 year old jack russells premium has just come through and doubled yet again (I have never claimed) so I am cancelling it and will never go through them again! Rude, disorganised and a complete waste of hours of my time!!

Posted: 08/06/2016

Exact same thing is currently happening with myself. My dog was PTS on 20th February 2016 and a claim form submitted on 22nd February. Since then I have had to call them fortnightly to chase this matter - every time I speak to someone they tell me they need to get a vets histrory! Honestly dont know how many times they need to request the same thing! I was told on 16th May by a member of staff it was finalised and payment would be made in 5 days, only to chase a week or two later to be told currently with the technical team being assessed. Technical team advised me on 27th May now finalised but when I called this morning (13 days later), I have been advised the claim is awaiting approval! Complete disgrace and will never use again

Posted: 15/06/2016

I have made a few claims with one of my dogs and although they have been paid out eventually they claim to never have never received the claim form in the beginning which can delay payment by weeks and I mean weeks !!
On all the claims that I have had all of them had to be email over again Ibecause they say they never received the one posted by my vets.

Posted: 13/07/2016

I've had exactly the same delay tactics from tesco. Submitted a claim for my dogs cut paw on 4th April to be told on the 30th they needed the full med history from the vets even though the vets had already sent it, but I asked them to send it again. On 18th May I was told by tesco they didn't have my claim form.. Ok so how do know I have a claim if you haven't received my claim form I answer. They are liars and are using delay tactics to avoid paying ou on simple claims.
I still haven't received payment even though it's now mid July and even though they have emailed me to say they are assessing it..
Needless to say I will never use tesco again for anything.

Posted: 31/01/2017

Im having the same problem my vet has sent the claim 4 times and they keep lying and saying its not been submitted