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I have been with Animal Friends since Feb 22 2015. i claimed for my cat in July 2015 for around £200 ish give or take, they paid no problem.
This claim was for urinary issues as my cat was weeing blood.
On 21 dec 2015 my cat was weeing blood again only much worse. no wee in sight just blood. Vets did a number of tests and then x rayed him to discover 10 bladder stones...Ouch!!
once operated on he needed one night (13 hrs) of emergency care to keep him pain free and alive basically.
we submitted the claim to animal friends at £1500 roughly, and they happily paid £465 direct to vets but refused the remainder. Im currently going through the complaints procedure with intent of seeking help from ombudsman. I still have the outstanding bill to settle with my vets and this is causing me no end of stress and sleepless nights especially as he now has a hernia being removed this week due to post opp issue. another £158 i need to find.
Please stay away from this insurance company, nothing but a nightmare all round. worst Company ever. and shocking to speak to, no sympathy for you or your animal.


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Posted: 03/03/2016

This company needs to be stopped!!!! They are a terrible insurance company, they are no help, especially when you need them!! Somehow they need to be discredited as an Animal Insurance Company. I am having a similar argument.

Posted: 12/04/2016

I had the same, they paid for a op of small cost, about £260, but when it came to a bigger one including complimentary care, that had been diagnosed in the stupid 14 day exclusion period, they would not pay. I have also left a review on here, further down. I hope you get it sorted, but it seems AF are used to people complaining about them and seem to also win cases in stead of the owner. It's ironic they are called 'Animal Friends', it should be 'Owner Haters'.

Posted: 20/04/2016

I totally sympathise with you , I to have endured sleepless nights and upset and stress from this company concerning my horse that I sadly lost , my surgeon and team said such a straight forward case no insurance company could question any thing -----how wrong !!! the stress they have caused has been awful and I still have no payment on his death , however I have now contacted The Ombudsman and am going to pursue this company for its appalling conduct , my 3 dogs and another horse are now going to pet plan who were horrified that I was asked to send photographs of my horse so that this company could "DECIDE " by looking at "PICTURES " of what they thought he was worth !!!REGARDLESS !!!!of what he was insured for , I wish you much luck and patience ,regards Fiona

Posted: 06/12/2016

My rescue Staffy Ronnie sadly succumbed to a brain tumour in September this year. After his death, I put in a claim for a blood test and some expensive drug therapy that he had from the vets. I put the claim in before the 90 day limit, as did my vets with their information. Five weeks later, despite numerous emails to them , a big fat NOTHING. NEVER AGAIN WILL I INSURE ANY PETS WITH THEM. In my opinion, I have wasted over a thousand pounds in premiums during my dogs life.