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I have Kennel Club pet insurance which I carried on from the purchase of my dog. This has gone up and up without any claims being made. A renewal letter is sent out saying the insurance will be renewed if you don't reply. What they don't tell you is that the insurance period is for one year so if you pay by instalments and something happens to your pet you have to continue paying the instalments or pay the whole cost up front. When requesting to cancel the policy I was told that I would have to continue paying or pay the whole amount immediately and this was all in page 16 of the policy. I now have Tesco insurance who are brilliant. You choose your level of cover, if anything happens your payments stop and they have been brilliant with claims.




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Posted: 17/06/2016

I found them expensive and total rubbish to deal with, my husband passed away so my son cancelled this insurance as I found it too expensive but
they kept telling me my husband was the only one that could cancel, In the end I lost it and said have you no idea how stressful it is losing a loved one without listening to your rubbish.,I call that harassment how can a dead person cancel anything

Posted: 17/08/2016

Yes, this. Reading the reviews I'm obviously not the only one. Had lots of dogs throughout my life and lots of policies. Never felt so completely ripped off.

Posted: 08/10/2016

This review is so stupid, you're annoyed because you claimed and then couldn't just end the insurance straight away??