Doubled My Premiums!


I have 3 policies with these for our 3 cats.

I have renewed these and they have been taking more than double the agreed amount on each premium! I have NEVER agreed to or been advised of any amendment to my policy.

When I contacted them to query it this is the response that I have received ;-

Thank you for your recent e-mail. You have 3 upgrades on the
policy, the first of which is called Policy Plus.
Policy Plus gives a 5% no claims discount, a 10% reduction
in your excess, a 5% over 50's discount, it increase Public
Liability by £500,000.
Legal Helpline gives you access to our in-house solicitor
for any domestic legal advice and extends to £5,000 of legal
advice in any one year.
Premium Waiver provides full payment of the premium up to
£1,000 or 12 months, whichever is reached first if you are
Hospitalised for more than 7 days due to accident, unable to
work for more than 7 days due to an accident, death due to
accident, becoming unemployed or suffer total disablement.
If you do not wish to retain these benefits, just let us
know and we will remove them.
Kind regards
Customer Contact Department


Mixed Breed Cat


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Posted: 18/04/2016

I came on here to share exactly the same experience. What a scam. I suddenly noticed the huge amount going out of my bank to them - checked all my renewal documents, along with the direct debit forms, all of which stated the premiums I had agreed; yet they were taking what amounted to almost double. They have agreed to refund, but this practice of deception if not illegal should certainly be so !