On going battle


I am currently having my own battle with More Than as a recent claim for my dogs treatment resulted in a less than satisfactory settlement. I expected to pay the first £70 and 10% of the remaining vet's bill but found that I had been charged 2 x £70 plus 10%. I have lifetime cover for my girl and charges are automatically deducted so there were no missed payments. Many long and tedious calls over several months to More Than resulted in apologies and confirmation that 'the matter would be resolved' .....it hasn't.
I have now spoken to over seven different operatives some of who began to say that the charges are right and I have been charged £70 twice because treatment given spanned my 1 st October policy repayment date (treatment lasted from end of Sept to early October....10 days in all) yet my policy document confirms that I have 12 months cover per illness. I have now passed my complaint onto the Ombudsman who seems to think that I am right to take it further. I will try to report back when/ if things get sorted.




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Posted: 26/04/2016

after a claim total circa £1000 my monthly cost has gone up
an extra £100 its a joke I cant understand how morethan can get away with forcing their customers out because they dont like the risk anymore .....my advise use a respectable insurance company... more fool me for believing there claims