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Like many here, my premium has nearly doubled from £47 to £86 and from £13 in 2012 per month (the last year I have a record for).
We've had a couple of claims over the past 10 yrs (which I must say, have been settled very quickly and without fuss) but having read others on this forum, it's no good complaining and you can't move easily because of all the exclusions you'd end up with so we're stuck with Tesco until, unfortunately, our dog dies (he's coming up to 11)


Cocker Spaniel


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Posted: 14/05/2016

There are actually 2 insurance companies that will cover animals with pre existing conditions so long as the animal has been symptom free for 24 months. I am moving to one of them with my dog who had a back injury 2 years ago as Tesco have increased his premiums by 500% since I took out my policy 4 years ago.. They are vets medi cover and life time pet cover. The second one will cover my dog for HALF of what Tesco want me to pay.