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I have had AF policies for 2 cats for over a year. One cat was so ill we called the vet out at midnight (first emergency callout we've ever had). Turned out to be a badly infected bite & our cat had the highest temperature the vet had ever seen.Put the claim form in but AF refused to pay for the emergency call out because it was not 'imminently life threatening' even though our vet had confirmed that it was on the form. So after the excess of £99 (!) was deducted as well we received £36 for a vets bill of £225. Having never claimed before I'm left wondering what is the point of AF insurance ? Currently the claim is in dispute with our vet supporting us. Told the same - about 4-6 weeks for appeal. Needless to say I'll be cancelling the AF policy.


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Posted: 12/02/2016

I just had the same problem won't pay always find something to get out of paying just cancelled my 2 polices animal friends insurance is rubbish

Posted: 01/03/2016

fight them all the way --I phoned the ombudsman technical advice line before submitting my complaint following a refusal to pay my recent horse claim(800) --I also had my vets backing --animal friends turned belly up and agreed to pay the whole claim --they are a bunch of cowboys and no nothing about customer care or animals,......