If your dog dies you still pay for a whole year


I had an older dog insured with Legal and General. I did not have lifetime cover because my dog was 14 and i did not think it worth it. My dog was very healthy and had only had 1 claim during her lifetime. I had insurance with L & G for a year then renewed with them in June. In July my dog became unwell and it turned out to be cancer. It happened very quickly and she was seen by a vet and put to sleep on the same day. The total amount was about £570. L & G said i had to pay a whole years insurance for her (even though she was no longer here)!! They ended up paying me about £30 after excess plus a percentage that they always add on for older dogs. If she had died a month before then i am sure they would have found another way to get out of paying me. Fed up with pet insurance companies, they never seem to want to pay up. You need to check small print to see if it says you have to pay for a whole year even if your pet dies.


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Posted: 11/06/2016

You presumably weren't paying for insurance on a monthly basis, your were spreading a year's insurance into monthly payments. Your argument about being asked to keep paying sounds about as ridiculous as asking for your all you premiums back from the year because you haven't made a claim