Distressed Policy Holder


I have been a customer for 5 years I made no claims I contacted regarding the policy 2 days ago advising that my dog had sadly passed away and seeking support I received no reply however I did receive an email advising I had cancelled my direct debit and advising that if I did not pay an outstanding balance £12 then further action will be taken. I am very distressed at the content of the email but more the fact they have not responded to my correspondence how insensitive at what is a distressing time.




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Posted: 27/03/2016

27/03/2016 ....The same thing has JUST happened to me, less than 2 weeks since my boy died , all payments previously paid by direct debit for years ( on 2 pets ) they never said i had to pay the final balance of £15 manually, then they tell me i've 10 days to pay before it's put into a debt collectors hands.

Posted: 04/07/2016

I had the same issue they're a disgusting company! I have made a complaint it's disgusting