A Human Voice


I first insured with VMC with our Wire Fox Terrier, Holly roughly 3 years ago. The process was simple, professional and affordable for their Diamond Cover giving me peace of mind should anything go wrong....and oh boy, did it go wrong within months of Holly's arrival. She developed chronic Atopic Dermatitis and for the past 2.5 years has attended Bristol Small Animal Hospital for numerous treatment. I am delighted to say her condition is under control but the worry and stress her suffering caused us was assisted greatly by the staff of VMC who dealt with each and every claim for her treatment promptly and without quibble,dealing directly with our local Vets and the animal hospital removing the need for us to have to worry about doing so and keeping track
of the bills. I thought this was more than enough to recommend this company by but....19 months ago a Wire Fox Terrier Puppy came into our lives, I immediately insured him with VMC.... on 14th December 2015 he died in my arms from the most aggressive form of bone cancer a canine can contract...Bramley went from a perfect puppy to the Crematorium in just 4.5 weeks.....we are devastated! However once again VetsMediCover have been our rock in dealing with his emergency diagnosis, what little treatment was available and now his euthanasia and death benefits all mostly taken care of for us without us having to deal with the hospital and vet on top of our raw grief.

VetsMediCover are a human voice at the end of the phone who genuinely appear to care about their customers and their pets. I cannot
recommend the company, their customer service and their Diamond Policy highly enough....last weekend my dearest friend turned up at my home with an 8 week old Wire Fox Terrier puppy, to 'help' me through my grief. I'm not ready for him so soon after my precious boy BUT he's here and we will love him unconditionally....and above all insure him with VetsMediCover for his future life...welcome to your new home.


Wire Fox Terrier


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