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I gave them 1/5 as you can't put 0/5
I have 2 dogs insured with animal friends.
I've been using them for over 4 years. One of my dogs chewed his tail. When I took him to vets they found out he has Anal Furunculosis which the vet explained is a immune system problem.After putting a claim in got letter off them stating my dogs condition is a behavioural problem so they aren't paying on my claim.Even though they wrote down his condition on the refusal letter .So they contradicted themselves in the letter. I asked animal friends what qualifications their assessors have.They said they are vet nurses. Which I don't believe. If they can't tell between behaviour problems & immune system problems. They seem to use any excuse not to payout. My vet has emailed them telling them that my dog has a immune system problem Not behavioural problem as they are claiming. I've also been told it's going to take 6 weeks to recheck my claim. I would like to see them show customers their assessors qualifications. As they don't have a clue about pet illnesses .Also it would be interesting to find out how many claims they refuse to payout on. This company uses ridiculous excuses not to payout on claims.
Avoid them like the plague


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Posted: 24/02/2016

I had a problem with this appalling company in that they claimed my dogs illness was a pre existing condition . My vet disputed this and they ignored her . I had over £6000 of vet bills . The ombudsman were a waste of time ,they took months to look at my case then sided with animal friends , I have now been successful in using the small claims court to have my case looked at properly . Animal friends have now had to pay me £4000 plus costs and expenses . I would advise anyone in a similar position do not give up and if you have to use the small claims court go for it . If enough customers in my position start to do this they will have to change the way they abuse customers .

Posted: 09/06/2016

Seems to be a pattern here with AF declining claims due to 'pre-existing' conditions that are not pre existing conditions!

Been on the receiving end of this as well.

Will be taking the same action as Jayne G.