Ear exclusion


Our rescue dog developed an ear condition Otitus the veterinary hospital asked how much she was insured for and l stupidly told them about £4000 . The vet then went on to say ok we will do a scan and she can stay overnight ...when we went back they told us she needed an operation to remove her ear canal......after which they said she could sta in the hospital for 3 or four nights....when all complete the bill came to a surprising £3760.02 .......just a few pounds under what she is insured for......now pet plan have refused to pay due to ear exclusion policy........very angry




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Posted: 13/05/2016

something similar happened to us.

Posted: 15/10/2016

Angry at pet plan, vet or yourself ?
I've never had a vet ask how much is your policy for!
Seems you didn't read the policy and got ripped off by the vet!

Posted: 30/12/2016

hi if ear conditions were excluded , how can you expect that to be covered ?