Absolutely shocking.


Same issue as Neil Vittles below. Excess increased after one year with no explanation or notification until after the policy was automatically renewed. The product was not as sold. Yearly increasing excess is quite a pertinent point to be disclosed during the sale of the policy. Operator did not explain this. The companies response was "We cannot explain the full extent of the policy over the phone..". Had I know this, I would have gone with another insurer. Further fees have also been introduced with no explanation.
It seems that the sales policy is to be as economic with the full extent of the facts as possible at the point of sale, whilst the company stance is to the effect of "It is the customers responsibility to ask this..."

Having made one claim for a period of treatment. This claim remained unactioned for over three months. The company responded with "It must have got lost in the system". This required 7 phone calls to the company on a a premium rate number. Messages remain unanswered. Generally a frustrating experience and a terrible service. My complaint is currently in the hands of the Financial Ombudsmen Service.


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