My dog was having trouble breathing, we were told it was severe brachycephalic airway syndrome and without an operation she would need to be put down, no way was that going to happen so we agreed to have the operation.
My vets sent off a pre-authorisation form to these rob dogs for me to then have an email with a letter telling me my claim has been declined as it was a 'pre-existing' condition. They had obtained previous vets notes who documented informing us to see a respiratory consultant, however this was not said to us in person. The year my vets had documented this, they were testing my dog for epilepsy, not once was it to do with her airway.
Upon telephoning my vets they informed me the pre-authorisation had gone through, however I had a letter stating they were not going to pay for the cost of the operation, which has cost us £1228. I am a student, I do not have a part time job and money is a difficult subject. How do these companies get away with this behaviour, I have paid my insurance without failure with this ridiculous company, who claim they're awards are amazing, and for what?




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