Raised the price a lot and took out info on cat


We had our cat insured with them, but for only a year. We decided to change for a few reasons:

- They would have renewed the insurance if we didn't notify them, which I don't like. Had I forgotten, I'd have had to stick with them.
- They raised the premium a lot the second year - we didn't make a single claim.
- When we got the letter saying that we needed to notify them if we didn't want to renew, we realised that they had changed a couple of details; we specified that she's been spayed and has a chip, but on their renewal letter they had her down as not chipped and not spayed. Clearly this would affect the price, so we weren't pleased.

You might consider them for the first year if you're tight on money, but keep an eye on how much you're going to pay the following year. As they did with us, you might find that they'll try to barter when you call them to cancel, but I find that irritating too, so I changed to Petplan which offered us more features and for a lower price.


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