Rubbish - complete rip off!


I went with pet plan as I had heard good things about them. When I I initially signed up, the woman didn't know what she was talking about and j had to talk her through it, but I just put it down to her possibly being new or something. I have received my renewal and they had increased it by 40%. I called them and the lady told me that it was due to an increase in claims, which is what they all say. The lady told me that it did look slightly high so she would look into it and get back to me. A week later...... Nothing. So I called them again and the lady told me that the last woman shouldn't have even looked into it as the quote is correct and they can't do anything for me and my quote stands. I thought insurance companies were bad but to nearly double my quote and tell me its because more people have claimed! What a rip off! So I asked to cancel and she happily did. Worst customer service, won't go with them again.


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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