Excellent cover at a very reasonable price


After my last pet insurance premium rose by more than 50% I started to look round to find a more sensible premium. Very pleased to have found Lifetime Pet Cover as not only were they the cheapest by a long shot, but their policy of not deeming an illness that the animal has been clear from for more than 24 months has been a lifesaver, as I've had claims rejected by other companies as I have a rescue dog and they wanted the full vet history over my dogs entire life which is obviously not possible when we weren't sure what she was doing for the first 18 months. Admittedly it's only really possible to review an insurance company in the event of a claim, which I haven't had to and fingers crossed never will, but having spoken to them for clarification on a few bits of the policy I can state that they are really friendly, helpful and approachable whilst providing excellent cover for a reasonable price.


Cairn Terrier


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