Terrible when your dog ages


I have had a policy for my dogs(brother and sister) for 10 years and pay £100 a month. I have claimed once before (small amount) in their lives. I claimed for a test and operation on the male dog (for lipomas) when it came to claiming I was charged the excess fee twice as the claims came either side of the policy year. I was not told this when I rang up for a claim form. When I think of how much I spent I wish I had just set up a savings account for the dogs.
P.S. They are very charming and helpful on the phone, but it does not make up for the cost.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi


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Posted: 04/08/2016

Same goes for me our insurance for a 6yr old Border terrier is now £80 a month and they wont pay for his operation till next year