Dying puppy and they just don


My message to them after months of calls and still no response

I am yet to get my money refunded for my puppy ct scans and radiology tests etc from over 2 months ago ...... And at 23 weeks old and he weeks left to live ....... Multiple calls to you letting you know I need the money to buy his pain relief ........... I stopped your payment of £140 per month and you were on the phone within 24 hrs threatening to stop my policy!!!!!!!! I will if not contacted or refunded this week make it my personal business to have every pet owner ...... Dog rescues and alike ( of which I am a member of several) ...... Vets surgeries and the general public aware of how you find this reasonable practice........ My puppy's name is Benson and has support world wide ........ I live in BR5 ..... He is a dogue de Bordeaux and you have owed me over £ 2000 since September.......


Dogue de Bordeaux


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Posted: 23/06/2016

You know you're not talking to petplan, right??

Posted: 05/10/2016

I Agree Pet plan! Oh yes they plan to rob us I have lost my litlle dog a Cavapoo she was 3 years old when she first took very ill, and the vet put her to sleep.
But pet plan refuse to pay us

Posted: 06/02/2017

Glad I read this. I won't be insuring my little fur baby with them. Sorry your little pet so poorly.