Extortionate Renewal


our price for the 1st year for a pair of very healthy bulldogs after moving over from Petplan was £56.. excellent, very pleased, Petplan was nearly that on their top cover for 1 bulldog alone with no claims, so to add our new puppy and switch our older dog over to Morethan and actually be cheaper was great.
Cue the renewal, 2nd year. £97 the pair. what a joke. We've never claimed!


English Bulldog


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Posted: 08/04/2016

cheap isn't always best. Just wait until you need to claim and *then* come back and say how much better MoreThan is. They do their damndest to avoid paying out and if they are forced to, they will hike the next years premiums up to more than you would have paid with a respectable established company like pet plan. There's a reason vets recommend pet plan, it's because they pay up and don't start haggling and trying to avoid paying out.