Premium hiking insurance company, AVOID!!!


We have a beautiful 1 year old black Labrador retriever. We purchased lifelong cover through Pet protect which cost approx £200 with a £50 vet excess, they offered average payouts, not as much as other BETTER insurance companies. Unfortunately he developed elbow dysplasia and required surgical intervention, we used the insurance to pay for his treatment as his X-rays, MRI and surgery came to approximately £4000 and we didn't have a spare £4000 under the mattress, plus is this not what people take insurance out for?
We have just received our renewal notice the same cover will now cost us £650 with £200 excess and 20% vet fee contribution meaning if we needed to make a further claim of £4000 the total cost to us would be £1000 plus the renewal price.
Insurance companies have a true monopoly when it comes to pet insurance as no other insurance company will cover your pets pre-existing condition so they know you have no choice but to stay with them.


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