Disgusting service, unsympathetic customer service


I called petplan to report my cat missing, as animal Search UK said if I called them and informed them, my sort of policy covers me up to £1500 for advertisement and reward when your pet is missing. I then called pet plan to confirm they would cover the cost of posers and flyers being made for my missing Tilly, they actually refused as they said I should have contacted a local vet within 5 days. She had been missing 6 days so I was only a day over this. The best part is... I actually work for a vets!! I also posted a letter to my local vets telling them Tilly was missing and enclosed a poster I had made myself the previous day as I tried to call them and they were closed. They still refused. I was absolutely disgusted. What was I paying my premiums for? The woman was the most rude sarcastic person I have ever spoken to and was totally unsympathetic to the fact my beloved Tilly was missing. I ended the call and then phoned back 10 minutes later to speak to a manager. I got through to another sarcastic woman who repeated the same thing about reading the terms and conditions, she also told me I have made missing posters myself therefore I can't claim for proper ones being made. How ridiculous. The woman then had the cheek to ask me to complete a customer survey over the phone. I have now cancelled my policy with petplan. Certainly won't be recommending them anymore. Unsympathetic, rude and sarcastic company. Luckily Tilly returned that evening and I have now insured her with a different company.


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