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They dont like paying for anything- make up excuses of preexisting conditions if the pet has a symptom anywhere close to a previuos illness- AVOID


Domestic Short Hair


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Posted: 27/11/2015

My daughter is having a NIGHTMARE with this very problem. Her pug had an altercation with a cat and it scratched his eye surface causing an ulcer 4 years ago. He recently had ingrowing eyelashes which caused another ulcer on his eye and they had to be frozen off and the ulcer treated. Sainsbury's won't pay out because it's an ongoing condition according to them WHAT A LOAD OF S**T! TWO vets have verified this is not the case but they still will not pay out! AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID

Posted: 08/01/2016

I am fighting with them at present to be paid £640. They said as he was ill after drinking pond water in Jan 2015 they won't pay for his current illness which has nothing to do with the pond water incident. he has been fit an well for 11 months and has no pre-existing illness. I will be taking my complaint to FSA and suggest you do too.