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I made the bad decision to change insurer earlier this year and assumed that Sainsburys would be a good choice, although not the cheapest on Go Compare. Without me noticing they added a couple of very broad exclusions to the policy based, they say on my dogs previous medical history.

I have a cocker spaniel who 2 years ago had an operation for a lip fold infection which is fairly common in spaniels due to their soft jowls. Sainsburys decided this justified that an exclusion for 'all skin disorders' should be added to the policy so when a couple of months ago my dog needed a small operation to remove a lump on her back foot for testing Sainsburys have refused to pay out.

Thankfully the lump was benign but how a lump removal can be viewed in the same way as a lip fold infection is ridiculous, Sainsburys say they will not cover 'pre existing' conditions but be very careful as they clearly generalise as to what 'pre existing' actually means.

Best to avoid this lot in my view.


Cocker Spaniel


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Posted: 03/11/2015

You are right there but most insurers are the same there do anything to get out of paying I take it you would have had there offer 12 months for the price of 9 months stand by for the shock on renewal I have been with them for 10 years and premiums tend to go up 25% a year and they no you can not leave as you have found out the pre-existing colures

Posted: 08/06/2016

The biggest mistake I made moving to Sainsburys I wanted the vet paid directly. It took weeks to get it sorted. she is 10 and never been ill before. I made an official complaint and got a £20 voucher for my effort. I would change but cannot now because of the dogs age. now it is £70 excess Plus 20% of the bill they are a total disgrace.