Insured for a few years, never claimed on my policy. I unfortunately had to have my beautiful dog put to sleep. I couldn't claim on the policy for this as he was too old, therefore cancelled my policy. Was sent an e mail advising I was owed premium and it would be credited to my bank account. Then a couple of days later sent a further email advising I owed them money for an "administration charge" for cancelling my policy. No explanation or apology that they initially got this wrong saying I was owed money. Called and was told that as it was in my policy wording I had to pay. Complained as thought this was disgusting as they were an online provider so why were they charging an administration fee? I was told I had to pay regardless or would be sent to a debt collection company. I had just lost my best friend and there was no sympathy or remorse that they had made an error at a very distressing time and had caused me further distress! AVIOD AT ALL COSTS!!!!


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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