Bloody Chancers!!!


We took our springer spaniel to the vet 10 months into the policy because he had started limping after his walk. They refused the claim advising that the vets notes indicated that we had said we had seen him limp at some point over a year before. We never said that and had never had him at the vet other than for inoculations. They said we needed to take that up with our vet.
Raging as the bill for the treatment was over £600. Basically they advised that the vets notes were basis for rejecting the claim even though we had never said anything like what was written.


Springer Spaniel


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Posted: 15/10/2015

Watchdog have exposed this company in the episode on 15 October 2015.
animal friends are nothing but crooks. You need to go to the ombudsman immediately!

Posted: 17/08/2016

I've just had the same experience! I wish I had seen these reviews before I had took out insurance for my cat. He sadly had a fall out of a bedroom window and thankfully all that was wrong was a bruised ego and nose. They have put an exclusion on his policy now on the whole respiratory system because apparently the vets notes said he had some sort of breathing condition, which it utterly untrue! The girl on the other end of the phone had no people skills or empathy and just said that the exclusion was correct. I am appalled!