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I have recently had my renewal for my lurcher who is just over 1 years old. Price has gone up by less than £1. I have phones them and dicussed their insurance policies as i was thinking of changing to petplan for various stated reasons including the type of cover they offer. Not once did they try to force me to stay and the gentleman on the phone had laughs with me whilst discussing what i wanted from any pet insurer.

After finding out about the new price renewed annually policy tesco are offering i may cancel the petplan insurance which offers £7500 at £23 per month and switch to Tesco who offer £7500 or £10,000 for around £14 per month. I have also spoken to my vet to make sure they allow for direct payments should anything *touch wood* happen.

Highly reccommend


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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