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My poor dog has been ill in recent months, firstly with a digital cyst, than the removal of a non cancerous lump and then pancreatitis. Pets at Home Insurance wriggled out of paying every on one technicalties linked to pre-exisiting conditions They are out and out rogues who I am about to report to the Ombudsman. Their customer service is shocking. Waiting on hold for 40 minutes is fairly standard and the staff appear to be unqualified and fairly useless only providing generic information. You can never get through to an assessor or manager.


Miniature Schnauzer


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Posted: 12/11/2015

I too have had a great deal of trouble with Pets at Home .In two years I have made three claims on my two rabbits.on each claim my vet has not only sent the original claim form but has also had to fax seven times,as pets at home claim not to have not received any prior claim .This results in delaying any payment .On this last occasion my vet put on the form Rabbit Pets at Home contacted us saying the policy did not match the insured as she is a Dutch Lop .which Pets at Home charge a higher premium.This now is holding up the claim and costing me more as each time I ask my vet th contact Pets at home there is an admin charge .In my view Pets at Home would do and say anything rather than settle a claim.