Never ever use these !


I really wish I had read this review page BEFORE I STARTED payments.It is the same old story. Pet are doing their utmost to delay payment. Asking for information that they already have seems to be one of their delaying tactics. Another is saying that they treat everyone the same and that my claim is in a cue.It's now been TWO MONTHS since me asking for my initial claim form.I have phoned them three times,at weekly intervals, asking when my payment would be prossesed ,each time they say the same thing, (namely,payment will be "in a few days").Who can I complain to about this company. By the way. they still owe me ONE THOUSAND POUNDS !!!


Alaskan Malamute


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Posted: 12/07/2016

I have been insured with these for 4 years and after reading the reviews I am not sure if I should move to another insurance company. So wished that I had read the reviews before tacking out my dogs insurance.