Rubbish Dont use unless yoiu want to waste money


I insured one of our miniature schnauzers with this company but did forget about 18 months previous he went to the vets with a gastric bug. I put in a claim in May 2015 as he was so poorly and pooing pure blood I had no choice but to take him to the vets. It turned out he had a tummy infection and it cost nearly £250 to put tight. I submitted the claim which was refused in full as I had not declared his previous tummy bug (Infection is something completely different) but they would not pay a penny and have now put clause on his policy no tummy related issues will be covered. Well lets face it most things with daogs are in there tummy so there is no point in being insured with them. RUBBISH and a complete waste of money


Miniature Schnauzer


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