Ring up and complain!


I have no complaints on the payout side as I have, to date, had no claims on the More Than policy for my 13 year old cat but I have just received the renewal notice. The monthly premium had increased from £22.86 to £28.81, +26%! I rang them to query this and, would you believe, they found they could drop this amount to £24.64 per month - an increase of just 7.8%. The reason was that I had had, as stated above, no claims on this policy and therefore qualified for a lower premium. So why wasn't I quoted this lower premium in the first place? The person to whom I spoke could not answer this but did have the decency to sound embarrassed. So my advice is, if you feel that a premium increase is excessive, ring up and complain!

On the plus side, for my other cat, who died several years ago, More Than did pay out as I hoped they would and in a timely fashion.


Mixed Breed Cat


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