we joined sainsburys pet insurance at the beginning of May this year, mid way through June our golden retriever stopped eating, & was loosing so much weight. After blood tests, medication, numerous vet visits, our vet was given no option but to put her under anaesthetic for an ultrasound (he didn't want to previously cause she was so weak he didn't think she would survive it) he found she had 2 tumours so put her to sleep there and then. Nearly 2 months we have been passed from pillar to post, only to find out out claim has been rejected (over £700) as they claim her bills are to do with arthritis which she had before we went with sainsburys, her death was caused by cancer nothing to do with arthritis! It's hard enough losing your pet, & it's not nice that it comes down to money, we would have paid anything if it could save her, she was just too weak to cope with any treatment or operation that may have helped, and it wouldn't have prolonged her life for much longer. When we rang to complain the woman on the phone had the cheek to ask how my dog was!!! Disgusting company! DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!


Golden Retriever


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