Disappointed andheld to ransom


We have had our Black lab insured with Tesco since birth he is now 8 years old. Several years ago he developed epilepsy and we had no option other than to make a claim on the insurance policy his medication is approx £100 pm and we were initially covered up to £4000 per condition which meant we would be covered for near on 4 years. Last years insurance policy was £41 per month, today the estimate for the comming year was received and we are now expected to pay £77 pm an increase of £36 pm. As cooper has a pre existing condition we are unlikley to find any other insurance company to insure Cooper through. personally i think it's a disgrace that Tesco can dictate such an increase with the knowledge we will have no option other than to pay the premium. Insurance is paid to cover such illnesses and or accidents. Tesco Insurance took 6 years of insurance payments from us with increases in premiums every year without a claim being made. be carefull when taking out insurance through Tesco and ensure you read the small print. I will be contacting Tesco for an explaination as to why there has been such an increase so BUYER BE WARNED!!!


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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