Sainsbury Pet Insurance


Our Boxer pup pimple under her chin we had it checked out we were told keep an eye on it after about a week it disappeared We made our annual visit for her boaster in April 2014 few days later a large spot appeared at the back of the neck where she was injected so we had it checked 6 days later it also disappeared. In May this year whilst on holiday a lump appeared on her right back leg this one did get larger so we had it checked and removed and because we had checked in the past year and was insured at the time with Tesco no surgery was needed On renewal i decided to change to Sainsbury pet insurance big mistake this was not the same problem a total different problem and our veterinary has confirmed this is different and not connected they still refused
All present thinking of renewing your pet insurance and you have not made a claim think twice and any new customer steer clear of Sainsbury pet insurance




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