KwikFit Pet Insurance


Drag their feet with a claim and find any unjustified excuse to justify their reductions and refusal to pay. can take up hours and days of your time and still not get fair assessment and payment of your justifiable claim.

We have paid premiums regularly for more than last three years and recently made a claim.

A sharp metal hook got lodged in our 49Kg. German Shepard's foot. He was very distressed and could not be approached. Neighbour friend Ex-Police officer, over 6', tall and similar another friend tried to help move dog to car but we all failed. Emergency Vet had to be called to the house to sedate dog and remove the sharp metal hook; VET stated, to the insurers, "He was distressed and could not be moved". KwikFit insurers refuse to pay stating, "the condition was not life threatening and so vet's visit fees cannot be reimbursed" ! We are now appealing against their decision. Were we supposed to leave our dog in the garden to slowly rot and die with pain?? May be KwikFit should go back to tyre fitting.


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