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Our Cavalier King Charles called Gizmo has recently had severe eye problems, starting with an infected eye which was diagnosed as conjunctivitis, later became apparent he had an ulcer on the Cornea, which despite treatment then developed into a perforated eye which required emergency surgery by a top specialist vet in Cambridgeshire (Dick White referrals) who have turned out to be 1st class & have hopefully saved the eye. Now the fun bit, Animal Friends, who claim to be wonderful & supposedly won the UK claims excellence award in 2013 (if such a thing even exists) have refused his claim on the grounds of pre existing condition, as he had conjunctivitis once before !!!! Now conjunctivitis is a condition caused by bacterial infection, foreign body or allergy. Gizmo has no allergy, so he either got something in his eye & was unlucky or he has had a bacterial infection !!!
He broke his leg once jumping to catch a fly on the boat, so if he breaks it again falling down the stairs presumably that is not covered either. The upshot of all this is that our cruise this month is cancelled as Gizmo cant even go for walks for a couple of weeks, leaving me plenty of time to consult with the gangsters in suits (solicitors) & attract as much puplicity as I can for this.
Its not the money, what it cost is less than I spend servicing the boat each year, let alone fuel, mooring fees etc. etc. It is however the principle, there are many people out there who pay these insurance companies every month because they love & want to look after their animal. For many, a decline on a bill for £3000 + would cause them massive problems, & I have the next month planned off to cruise around the south coast which I now cannot do, so I will use the time to do something about it while looking after Gizi, god help them cos I am seriously annoyed.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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