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Our dog has been insured with Agria for four years but despite no claims having been made over that period Agria have increased the cost of my policy by 61% in two years. This led me to email the company to discuss the matter but to no avail as they chose to ignore my enquiry. I made several calls to their ironically named Customer Helpline but, again, no member of staff appeared able to answer my calls. Finally, my renewal letter informs me that the new premium is to be removed from my bank without my giving my approval for them to do so. Thankfully, a quick call to my bank will ensure that this does not happen.


Irish Terrier


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Posted: 03/09/2016

Sure you called the 0330 number?! All English call centres, the telephone reps answer my calls within 1 minute and they fully discuss each policy, excess and percentage! Why would you send an email then just wait?! Sounds like your intentions to resolve your rising premiums cannot of been important enough as you didn't try to follow up your initial email. Change company of you aren't happy!