Kennel club use agria and another company for third party element.
Thought they were great but never had to claim till this year and even though it costs a lot more you don't get a payout if they think you have waited too long before getting treatment. There premium without the abroad cover is in excess of £500.
You have to have. A really sick dog to get them to pay out but don't think they will pay on dogs over nine.


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Posted: 05/11/2015

It's not that they don't pay out on dogs over 9 it's that they wont start a NEW policy for a dog at the maximum age depending on the breed of dog. Their policies are lifetime, they don't stop insuring just because you dog has gone over that age.

Posted: 02/09/2016

They don't pay out if your dog dies from illness or injury once your dog is nine or over though.