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I have insured my cat with PetPlan right from the start and unfortunately she is a little bit of an unlucky soul. Withing the first 2 years of her life I had to claim for several emergency treatments (eating tablets, being hit by a car, she got shot with a great big ball bearing by a catapult, some unknown cause leg damage)...I was starting to feel awful but PetPlan have settled time and time again without any hassle - and the claims were being dealt with directly by my vet. I only payed my excess and received the ok via mail. I do recommend them!


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Posted: 30/09/2015

I don't understand. Speaking only about cats here, but why would any insurance company pay for an owner's negligence? The tablets I can understand. Cats can be quick in picking stuff up off of the floor/counter, etc, but I don't think an insurance company should pay for a cat being hit by a car, getting shot, or having other complications just because the owner allows the cat outside. Good for PetPlan for doing so, but I don't think they should. Cat owners are responsible in keeping their cat safe at all times. The only exception would be if a cat *accidentally* gets out and is hit by a car. Otherwise, it's the owner's fault for allowing the cat to be out where it could possibly be hurt or killed. Personally, I think PetPlan should revise that part of their policy, and not pay for an owner's negligence like that. As you've probably have already guessed, I believe in having indoor only cats.

Posted: 09/10/2015

Thats exacty why you have insurance?! Good insurance covers you for accidents! Thats like saying dont take your car off the drive...dont ride your horse down the lane...Cats are naturally outdoor animals and to keep them in for your own peace of mind is in my opinion selfish. Yes you may protect the cat but it has to have a fair life...you wouldnt do the same with your kids? Just saying!

Posted: 09/10/2015

Being hit by a car is an accident. It doesn't happen to every cat. Why wouldn't an insurance policy pay?
Keeping cats indoors, particularly if more than one cat, is detrimental to their psychological wellbeing. Indoor cats are more like to suffer obesity, urinary problems and behavioural issues. Will you expect to pay the bills for these yourself as it will be your fault given your logic?

Posted: 30/05/2016

Re -Kathy - indoor cats.
Its your choice if you want to keep your cats indoors.
I now have 5 cats they are allowed outdoors when they want during daylight hours.
I believe they have a happier natural life and yes sadly i have lost 1 cat due to a road traffic accident.
Cat are more free spirits than dogs so it is accepted you cannot control a cat as you can a dog. I also have dogs.
Dont encourage pet insurance companies to put even more exclusions on policies!!!!

Posted: 08/01/2017

Kathy, indoor cats don't exist. they are outdoor cats trapped indoors by insecure owners.