Looks good for year one but beware!


When we took out our policy in 2004 we were paying £7 per month, we are now paying £91 per month!!! Other insurances go up in line with inflation but not Sainsburys they go up because you claim!!!! (I thought that was what insurance was for), because they review your vets and they are in an expensive area!!! (doesn't work when you relocate to a cheaper area, as we have, though as they will not review back down!) because your pet is getting older (surely keeping your dog healthy so he/she grow older is a good reason to insure!), Scandalous! The whole area of pet insurance needs reviews.....our own health insurance has not risen for such reasons. Avoid!


Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler


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Posted: 03/11/2015

You are right there My dog is now 11 been with Sainsbury's all this time started off at £100 now £700.+ gone up £143. this year 25% up on last year