Great Premium and cover


My dog is nearly 10 so many companies didn't want to know. This premium is very reasonable with good cover. Love that pre-existing conditions are covered after 2 years symptom free. Will check out for my cat when renewal due.


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 12/08/2015

Dont be so hastey, fooled be their premium. theres a reason its so cheap....they dont pay up. i would double check the exclusions too, they wont pay on a previous condition. my dog has a skin tag which she has had for years, which they new from the vets medical return. we have never claimed for it. but now she has caught it and started to chew making it inflamed. vet said it needs to come off...guess what...not covered due to it being a previous condition. DO NOT INSURE YOUR PET WITH THESE!!

Posted: 24/08/2015

My wife is desperate to get a sausage dog, so I'm checking out all the cost etc.
As P Squires has been recently active (unlike some of the old reviews) - I'm hoping there might be some dialogue...

Is this sort of thing unreasonable? If I insurance my house with someone knowing that the chimney stack has needed repair work for a few years, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't pay out. Am I nuts for comparing insurance types like that? Or am I missing something?

PS It's currently the 25 August 2015 and somehow you've posted your comment 6 days in the future... you must have awesome powers!! Or is this website completely shoddy?!

Posted: 02/11/2017

Hopefully you wont ever have to make a claim - you will find out how bad they are. More than happy to take your money!