93% increase in premium in spite of no claims


What a total rip off. My 6 year old terrier has cruciate ligament issues which my vet suggested operations for. I wanted to try non invasive management of her condition so instead of spending £4K on two operations, we spent about £300 on hydrotherapy, and I've improved her diet. That was over two years ago. No claims since and she's been great. Now Homebase have put my insurance up by 85% to £93/month! I called to ask why and they said vets fees have gone up 12% year on year. OK, and the rest? It's my dog's age (7) and gender (female) apparently. And of course you can't transfer so they've got you over a barrel. Seriously thinking of complaining to the ombudsman. Grrrr, as my dog would say.


Jack Russell Terrier


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