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i must say that we have insured all four of the animals we have owned with sainsburys and i havent had a problem with payouts, one of our cats, tinkerbell passed away from a splenic tumour three weeks ago yesterday and we received the cheque today. i was a little disappointed not to receive the death from illness and cremation fees, but they said because she had passed her eight birthday she wasnt covered for this, just for vets fees. im sure this term has been added recently, and also they charge 10% of the bill plus £75 excess due to her age

and yes, the policies do increase hugely year on year, she had never had a claim in her life

our dog who has gme now pays £38 pm, and again no claim in three years, obviously stuck as cant change companies as its a pre existing condition

the idea of putting the premium away each month is a good idea


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