Very Good...with important proviso


Kali. Pedigree Tonkinese Cat. AF have been excellent to me. Policy with them all her life and my premium input over 10 years has been TOTAL £494. Yes, that's cheap. They have paid out £1,709 in that period. Quids in...absolutely! However..and this is important, approaching 9 years old ( I think it was 9 at the time) I was going to move to avoid the ridiculously painful 35% additional excess..but sods law, she got ill and needed immediate treatment. This added yet another condition to her list of about 4 other illnesses...which of course all go down as 'pre-existing' with other insurers.From 2012 the premiums have gone from £8.58, to £11.24, £11.68 and now new renewal due in Aug of £15.09. I consider these increases reasonable taking into account the claims paid for. Also, and I asked them to consider this 2 years ago, they now offer the option to lower the 35% to 20% by paying a small premium..£3.50 a month to me...and the 35% has now been increased to over 10 years old..both good moves. I would consider moving as the renewal is £15.09 for LIFETIME £2k per condition per year with 35% contribution(on top of my £99 excess)..or £18.57 for 20% contribution...Purely Pets offer this for £14.38 a month with only 15% contribution..but for my circumstance with Kali, this is a gamble. She has 5 different previous, including one for a sore throat, which was innocent and lasted 2 days...but my vet informs me this is enough to rule out all sorts of things under 'pre-exisiting'. So looks like I'm stuck with AF. I have to say, even at £18.57, 2k per condition/per year/with 20% can be beaten but it's not extortionate. My best advice to you...make this decision as early as you can in your pets life, with LIFE COVER policies...and stick with it. All in all tho, I've never had a claim queried and all have been paid, direct to my vet no problem. They always answer the phone, even offering free call back when busy and always been well informed and friendly on the phone. I would ignore their charitable awards myself, it's just marketing...they're a business, just like the rest. For what it's worth, speaking to PetPlan and VetsMedicover both say they will consider ignoring SOME pre-existing conditions if no re-occurence in last 2 you could speak to them also. VetsMedicover openly advertise this fact, but only takes cats younger than 8...I think. Hope this helps some of you. : )




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