I feel skinned alive after claim


My dog was insured very early on. I have just spent nearly £1400 on vet fees to get just £370 back from Tesco. £60 excess deducted from 3 types of illness. Just not worth the premium. Shall pay £50 per month into savings plan for next dog, which is much better value. Every little bit helps.


Jack Russell Terrier


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Posted: 16/07/2015

I know what you mean. Few years back when i tried to claim for blood tests re my dog gettin colites they only payd me a small amount they said that i had changed my dog s insurance to the gold because i knew about this. Now after been with em 9 years as that s my dog s age my insurance s gone up to £77 monthly due to her ongoing skin allergy treatment and two cyst removals she had from her toes a few years back.