I bought the policy for my one year old shih tzu in January via comparethemarket website. On this site it clearly states for lifetime cover it costs £9 monthly and was the cheapest. I took this cover and in April my vets requested I check level of cover as there was a number of people getting what they thought were lifetime cover when infact they were getting basic. Checked our cover and found it was per condition and was put over to sales to change to lifetime as I had first requested. This new policy started April and our dog had developed some scabing on his head under the first policy. As the proper and £15 month more expensive cover was taken April this made his condition now pre-existing and the insurers refused to help. They accused me of increasing the level of cover in April just because I knew I wanted to claim when in fact it was due to the misleading prices on compare website. Having done the comapre check today it still shows lifetime cover for £9 monthly when in fact lifetime cover is £21 a month!!. Please check you have lifetime cover if you consider this company as what you buy isn't what you get then when you ring to rectify it you get a more expensive policy which now makes any conditions pre-existing which you can't claim for. I'm currently going through ombudsmen with these. If I could give them 0 rating I would.


Shih Tzu


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