Avoid Them


I have just had to have my little Pug put to sleep after a short illness, she was insured with them for 10 years. I have a vet bill for £2000
ANIMAL FRIENDS will not pay out, they dont care, they dont listen, they should not be trading. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM




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Posted: 06/07/2015

Have just had our first claim refused, as our vet told us Animal Friends would! Have immediately cancelled our ~Direct Debit - they can fight us for any more. They used a "Per-Existing Condition"clause, and for a condition only just diagnosed. DO NOT, NEVER, USER ANIMAL FRIENDS. THEY ARE AS DISHONEST AS BANKERS.

Posted: 07/07/2015

I totally agree! Cooper has just been diagnosed with a ruptured ligament in his shoulder after visiting 4 different vets. Animal Friends are now refusing to pay out £600 for the X-rays because his notes say he had existing conditions for lameness. Even after discussing with them to explain these conditions were for dry and cut pads - there response was I should have advised of the limping when I took out the policy. To say I am furious is an understatement. Their policy isn't worth the paper it is written on!

Posted: 24/09/2015

Rachel, take your case to the ombudsman...if you took the policy out online you have a case as they did nit ask you a direct question. Also they have to prove they are linked. Get your vet to write to the ombudsman and you will have a better chance xxx