Thank goodness we stuck with out old pals VetsMedi! We considered changing at renewal to a really cheap company but their prices looked too good to be true which often speaks of trouble with claims. Also, some of the other older companies just have premiums that are too high and the organisations are too big to care about each customer. But Kaye, Patrick and the rest of the team have called me lots of times to check that I am happy with policy changes. It's reassuring to know they are still on my side after all these years and they made sure my claim was paid quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to tell my friends that VetsMediCover stand apart as a hardworking and caring company.


Wire Fox Terrier


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Posted: 22/07/2015

Tell me the secret of quick payment! I get sick of ringing, took ages last time! When i rang them (and i didn't get friendly happy staff!) they told me they were waiting paperwork which i sorted and still waited another couple of weeks-not one phone call. Hope you hv better luck with them than i did.

Posted: 12/07/2015

We insured our dog, Disley in March 2011 and were very careful to choose an insurer to cover him for lifetime as we'd seen insurers wriggle out of claims in the past.
Vetsmedicover claimed in their advertising that the premium we paid would be consistent with all dogs and not dependent on his medical history over time. This was a lie. Now 4 years down the line I'm being told that my dog's Hyperthyroidism is now a pre existing condition (it developed last year) and my premium will be increased because of this! If you look more closely at this set up Vetsmedicover is not an insurer but an agent. They told us on renewal that our underwriters are no longer offering pet insurance so they've found us a new underwriter who will take on our dog's insurance but treat the Thyroid problem as a pre-existing condition and charge extra because of this! I thought I was insured with Vetsmedicover and had been ever since 2011. It appears not. I was stupid enough not to fully understand the small print which states "When the claims administrator offers further periods of insurance they may change the premium and the policy terms and conditions"
Thinking this applied as a general clause so that the single premium quoted to all dogs could be adjusted over time to allow for inflation and general claims experience I was not put off. What it really means is exactly what it says, namely that they can change anything they like at any point on your annual renewal! Steer well clear and choose a reputable named insurer through your vets recommendation and not these sharks!